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Hadrian’s Union

Hadrian’s Union are a five piece Contemporary Folk Rock band from the debatable lands of England and Scotland. The name originates from the locality and mind set of the band, Hadrian’s Union (or HU for short) as separate members are based along various points of Hadrian’s Wall, they all come from various music genres (Folk, Punk, Rock, Blues,Celtic, Ska etc.) which reflects in the music they create together. The music is varied and ultimately for the listener all of HU’s shows and recordings are an exciting experience. Waltzes, Ballads, Music Hall and drinking songs and so much that you will find in the Union. HU will not be pigeon holed into one category but can often be found at Folk festivals in the loosely termed Folk Rock section, they are at home as much at a rock show as they are in a folk club. Hadrian’s Union have last Album ‘Aural Borderalis’ was released to rave reviews and high accolade. HU’s new line up includes Saul Rose on drums and Penny Kempson on Violin- with their evolving style there next album ‘Roman Grafiti’ will be released via Whaprecords in 2020 and promises to pack an even bigger punch than before. Hadrian’s Union are BBC Folk Award Winners Brian Bell (Bass Guitar) & Robin Jowett (Melodeon and Keys) Penny Kempson (Violin & Viola), Saul Rose (drums) with Hadrian’s Union founding member Stew Simpson on Guitar and vocals.

Merry Hell & The Gerry Colvin Band

Our good friends at “Music in Ulpha” and ourselves are really chuffed to be bringing two of our favourite groups together under one roof and on top of that to do so at such a prestigious venue as the Coronation Hall in Ulverston. Our regular attenders will have seen both of these bands separately at the Ulverston Sports and leisure club and, as you can imagine, to get both on the same bill is a real coup for us. Merry Hell are thoroughly deserving winners of “Best Live Act” awards and with a performance pedigree of Gerry Colvin with his band, you are in for quite a night. This idea came together when we bumped into Gerry Colvin at the Cropredy Fringe last year and he thought it a fantastic idea. As both “Ulverston Live” and “Music in Ulpha” team members were there, we decided to set it up as a joint venture, knowing how popular both artists are with our regulars. It is our great joy and pleasure to bring these two outstanding bands to a wider audience and we are sure you will not be disappointed, in fact we are sure you will leave wanting more!

Dave Gibb

HAILING from the village of Wanlockhead in Dumfries and Galloway Dave describes himself as a left-handed, balding, middle-aged songwriting folky from Scotland’s highest village. A superb guitarist with a style that is as distinctive as it is effective, a voice that can carry traditional and contemporary songs and a song writing ability that produces songs ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous, he is an established performer throughout the acoustic/folk club, festival and concert scene. Lyrically Dave is a storyteller and is determined to maintain the art of storytelling through song. Musically he draws on both traditional and contemporary sources, especially the finger picking styles of the heroes.